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Which domestic institutions, which experts have antimicrobial peptides technical advantages

Publié le 23 Août 2012

A: The domestic antimicrobial peptides, a large R & D institutions, which the South China Agricultural University Professor Huang Ziran warm Professor Liu Fafu, Qiao Shi-yin, Professor, National Feed Engineering Technology Research Center, Fudan University, Professor Li Yingxia, Professor Sun Zhenjun of China Agricultural University, Jilin University, Faculty of Agriculture Han Wenyu Prof. LAI Ren, Professor, Kunming Institute of Zoology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Zhejiang University, Professor Wang Yizhen, Academy of Military Medicine Veterinary Research Institute, Li Jiping Research Associate successes in their respective field of antimicrobial peptides. From feed and animal health products in perspective, Qiao Shi-yin, led by Professor of team development Cecropin antimicrobial peptides is the most advanced in the industry; Professor Huang Ziran bacteria peptide products to accomplish something in the human health care products; while the other experts to develop antimicrobial peptides have not yet entered the application level.

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