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Rapid extraction method for PCR studies:

Publié le 26 Juin 2012

1 field clipping plants fresh leaves of 5-10mg (about 2cm long) about the fresh leaves are put in a 5ml centrifuge tube, kept in the ice box, and affix the appropriate label according to the sample number. With scissors leaf tissue cut thin (about 5cm long) on ??acupuncture research board. 3 join 400μlDNA extraction buffer, the leaf tissue with a glass rod and research fine until the liquid becomes dark green can. 4 plus 400μlDNA extraction buffer, mixed, transferred to a new 1-5ml centrifuge tube (paste the appropriate number). 5 plus 400μl chloroform, mixed, 2400 × g centrifugation 30s, the supernatant was transferred to a new one 5ml centrifuge tube (paste the appropriate number). 6 plus 800μl ethanol, mix, 2400 × g centrifugation 3min. The supernatant was removed. 770% ethanol rinse, air dry. 8 dissolved with 50μlTE buffer, kept at -20 ° C. 9 take 1μl was used for PCR analysis.

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