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Low production of antimicrobial peptides

Publié le 18 Octobre 2012

time-consuming and long, complex process, expensive, and not be able to achieve large-scale production, which became the biggest obstacle into the practical application of restricting antimicrobial peptides extracted from animals. Therefore, to carry antimicrobial peptide gene engineering research is of great significance. Currently, the clinical application of gene engineering drugs most prokaryotic expression system to produce but due to the killing effect of antimicrobial peptides on bacteria, not directly with the prokaryotic expression system expression of biologically active antimicrobial peptides, and if the fusion protein in the form of expression, the expression of the post-processing of the product will bring great trouble. Therefore, researchers at home and abroad eukaryotic expression system to use more study antimicrobial peptides genetic engineering. In recent years, as the recipient strain of genetically engineered yeast attracted attention, the yeast has more comprehensive than the E. coli gene expression and regulation mechanisms and the expression product processing and modification and secretion capacity, and does not produce endotoxins, genes good works in the eukaryotic gene receptor bacteria. Since 1978 Hinnen First test yeast transformants success has been expressed interferon gene of hepatitis B surface antigen gene, alpha-amylase gene dozens of foreign genes in yeast. The domestic researchers a large number of studies have shown that the use of yeast expression of antimicrobial peptide is a viable path can be further improved expression yield will antimicrobial peptides into clinical application as soon as possible to lay a good foundation for

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