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Overview of insect antibacterial peptide

Publié le 31 Août 2012

Number of insects, widely distributed, with a high degree of adaptability and defense mechanisms, 1972, Swedish scientists Boman First the the efficient antimicrobial peptides Cecropins the earliest found separated from the immune hemolymph of silkworm...

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The killing effect of antimicrobial peptides fungi

Publié le 28 Août 2012

The killing effect of antimicrobial peptides fungi Was first discovered to have anti-fungal activity of antimicrobial peptides isolated from the skin of amphibians frogs the bombesin (Magainins), it is not only acting on C +, C-, fungi and protozoa also...

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Which domestic institutions, which experts have antimicrobial peptides technical advantages

Publié le 23 Août 2012

A: The domestic antimicrobial peptides, a large R & D institutions, which the South China Agricultural University Professor Huang Ziran warm Professor Liu Fafu, Qiao Shi-yin, Professor, National Feed Engineering Technology Research Center, Fudan University,...

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Anti-parasite and its mechanism of antimicrobial peptides

Publié le 21 Août 2012

Antimicrobial peptides can effectively kill the parasite to produce human and animal parasites such as malaria, Chagas's disease, Lai Shiman disease. Shahabuddin [24] study found that insect antimicrobial peptides for different periods of development...

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Polymyxin B

Publié le 18 Août 2012

Most clinical trials for the topical treatment, such treatment should be safe and effective, because some of the more toxic peptides and fat peptides, such as gramicidin S, polymyxin B has been used in the manufacture of skin creams . These peptides can...

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