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Antimicrobial peptides in animal production in the application

Publié le 8 Juillet 2012

Many studies have shown that antimicrobial peptides has the advantage of broad spectrum antimicrobial effect of stability, no residue, easy to produce drug resistance, is a non-residual, non-toxic side effects, caused by bacteria resistant to a class of green feed additives, and thus antimicrobial peptides as a The new feed additive is a new research direction in the feed industry.

At present, the study found that dietary supplementation of antimicrobial peptide agents can promote the growth of chicks and reduce excreta nitrogen content [73] and broilers also have a role to promote growth and improve the immune system [74]; dietary supplementation of antimicrobial peptide preparation 2mL/kg can effectively improve meat duck production performance, especially duckling stage (1-2 weeks old) a significant effect, the mechanism is to promote the synthesis and storage of nutrients in meat duck body, so that the meat duck meat production rate, abdominal fat percentage, internal organs, reduced the proportion, which may reduce body protein catabolism due to the antimicrobial peptides make the body in small changes in protein synthesis, thereby promoting growth [75, 76].

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